Shipping terms


"Flowers home" flowers and wedding salon offers quick and accessible delivery service. In case of online order, registering delivery information, you will be able to get the order in your specified time. Delivery is carried out round the clock. In city Yerevan – within 3 hours, in regions – till 10 hours. The site allows you to make online orders in two ways, register as a user or make an order as a guest. User's personal and bank account information are kept confidential. Confidentiality is guaranteed by the company and the bank. Person's data, who made an order as a guest, won't be saved in system.


Kindly ask you to feel carefully delivery address, in specially provided additional field specify the details of address, the recipient's name, phone number (to contact if necessary). If you want to leave a note, you can fill it in additional information field. In case of recipient's absence sender has the right to deliver the item to third part (the facility administrator, another person living in mentioned address) for further transfer to addressee. In case of impossibility to transfer the item to any of the above mentioned persons, we may double the delivery within that day. Delivery is carried out round the clock. On weekends, orders must be recorded at least 2-3 days in advance. Due to a large number of orders on February 14, March 8, April 7, December 30-31, deliveries can be made 2 hours before or after your scheduled time.