The 10 most sustainable flowers

The 10 most sustainable flowers
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Date 02-05-2022 14:12
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Almost everyone loves flowers, but ignorance of their features is a common problem. Flowers have properties, and if they are not controlled, we can harm them regardless of our will. As a result, it will lose its former appearance and beauty. However, there are flowers that are incomparably more resistant and easily adapt to adverse conditions.

Let's talk about some of them today.

1. Chrysanthemums – with proper handling and care, this flower can decorate your room for a long time. It is necessary to change the water every day. These flowers love clean, fresh water.
2. Carnations – this flower can stand in a vase for about 3 weeks. It is necessary to change the water frequently and ventilate the room. The cold air makes this flower fresher.
3. Orchids – In order to enjoy the presence of this flower for a long time, you first need to process the stem, then place it in a vase filled with water at room temperature. You can add one or two drops of white to get the best results.
4. Freesia – can keep fresh for about 2 weeks. This flower is not very demanding. It is necessary to change the water every day. Well, the water should be at room temperature.
5. Asters – this flower does not like direct rays of the sun, but loves fresh, not too cold water. You can cut a few centimeters from the stems of this flower before placing it in a vase.
6. Irises – this flower և loves fresh water և clean environment. It can be stored for 2.5-3 weeks.
7.Calla – this flower is similar to the previous three in terms of demand.
8. Peonies and Tulips – these two types can be stored for 7-8 days. Daily water change and pruning 0.5-1 cm from the stem can help to enjoy the presence of this flower longer than it should.
9. Gerbera - This flower can stand for a week and a half if you change the water often and take care of the stems. This flower is very stub born, it easily loses its fresh appearance.
10. Gypsophila – change the water for this flower twice a day - it will retain its luxurious appearance for at least 10 days. This flower has its own uniqueness. It can maintain its appearance even when the small flowers dry out.

With love, Flowers Home.