Frequently asked questions about flowers

Frequently asked questions about flowers
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Date 08-09-2022 11:16
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Flowers are much more than their beautiful petals and fragrance.
That's why millions of people search for answers to many questions every day and often get confused by the answers.

From the most popular flower to how to make fresh flowers last longer, we’ve dug and delved to find all the answers. 
Here they are, all in one place. 

What is the most popular flower?

The beauty of flowers may be very subjective, but we’re yet to meet anybody who doesn't like roses.
This timeless symbol of love in many beautiful colors is universally popular.
The red rose is so well-loved in Britain that it is the national flower of England.

Which flowers last the longest?

How long your flowers will bloom in your vase largely depends on care. Of course, some types last longer than others.

Flower care

For example, chrysanthemums can be stored for 2 to 4 weeks.
Orchids and carnations 2 to 3 weeks.

Lilies, sunflowers, and alstroemerias are also long-lived and are preserved for up to 2 weeks.
Remember that all bouquets will be able to last for the specified time and longer only with proper handling.

What is the most expensive flower in the world?

''Kadupul'' or "ghost flower" is a floating type of cactus of priceless beauty from Sri Lanka. It blooms spectacularly once a year in the dead of night and wilts before dawn.

Ghost flower

But still, the most expensive flower you can buy is the endangered Rothschild orchid, best known as 'Kinabalu Gold'. It can only be found in Malaysia's Kinabalu National Park, where it was discovered in 1987.


Why do flowers make us happy?

The answer lies in science.
Admiring the beauty of a bouquet prompts our brain to release dopamine, the "happiness hormone."

Why do flowers make us happy?

This is because, as our ancestors evolved, they came to associate bright, blooming plants with the start of spring after a long, hungry winter. 
Today, when we see flowers, we still expect something positive.
Meanwhile, tending to plants has been proven to reduce stress and foster joy.

How to properly care for flowers.

The best way to care for your flowers is to change the water in the vase every other day.
When watering, you should also cut the flower stem at an angle (45 degrees) so that it can absorb as much water as possible.

Another good tip is to store your flowers in a cool, dry place so that the weather outside (or the heat inside) doesn't affect them.

Learn about flowers that always bring you joy.

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