Top 3 most fashionable flowers of 2020

Top 3 most fashionable flowers of 2020
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Date 17-09-2020 21:38
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The flower market is endless and changes very quickly. What was fashionable yesterday may seem ridiculous today, although in some places only the rose is considered the standard of beauty.

In 2020, giving or receiving flowers has become doubly pleasant. They say that a favorite flower also matters, it is not chosen by chance.

We cannot say that roses and other flowers known to us disappear from the market, no, they remain in their places, but these 3 types of flowers leave behind everyone else.

In third place is hartenzia, or as it is also called "hydrangia".

With a huge head of cabbage, up to 30 cm in diameter, from bright white to deep purple, this flower is a great option for both a bouquet and for an arrangement. 

The second place is painted gypsophilia.

Painted gypsophilia appears in the top three for the third year already. This flower with its bright fresh colors is easily used in arrangements.

First place peonies.

In fact, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the summer flower is in the same demand every year. A fragrant, delicate flower of various colors. For many years, it has taken its rightful place in the top three summer flowers.