Flower Etiquette at Workplace

Flower Etiquette at Workplace
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Date 19-01-2023 11:31
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For most of us, it's natural to develop personal and professional relationships at work, especially when you spend most of your day there. It also implies that there will be times when the company or employees will want to give flowers to celebrate a new achievement at work, a birthday, or simply to appreciate a job well done.

Many companies have a policy of giving flowers to colleagues or employees. It's a great gesture from the company and can be seen as a special token of appreciation sent to honor the employee's time and a job well done.

While bouquets may seem like common gifts, there are a few rules you should follow when it comes to giving flowers at work.

Do not use red roses

Instead, use yellow, white, or colored flowers so that the gesture is not misinterpreted as a romantic gesture. White and green flowers and arrangements with orchids can be good choices.

Bouquet "Lighting"

Know the internal rules of the company

Every company is different. Some have no rules at all about gift-giving, while others have very strict standards.

If you want to give flowers at work, you should not only know the rules for giving flowers, but also the company's gift-giving policy (written or unwritten).

Pay attention to possible allergies to flowers

Find out if the recipient has allergies or if anyone in the office is allergic to flowers.

Gifts equally to every employee

If you're a leader who likes to give gifts, make sure that approach is for everyone. A bouquet is not a bonus, so you shouldn't send larger bouquets to some employees and smaller ones to others.

 Bouquet "Multicolored"

Personalized approach

If giving flowers is standard procedure at your company, make sure each one is accompanied by a personalized letter to make each employee feel special. You can write about how and what you value in his work.

Bouquet "Lusashogh"

Flowers to the boss

When giving your boss a bouquet, it's wise to avoid flowers that can express romantic feelings or have an unclear or unwanted meaning.
It is important to give it on behalf of the whole team and not just one.

Bouquet «Flawless»

Flowers for men

We're not saying that men see the world in black and white, but based on the opinions of most guys, it's probably best to avoid simple and subtle colors or overly complicated designs.

If he has a favorite hobby, it will be even easier to understand what the bouquet should be, because you can add such components or small gifts.
Hint. boys love plants more, so you can include them in the list of possible gifts.

Whether the recipient is a boss or an employee, a woman or a man, remember that the etiquette for giving flowers at each workplace is different. Some offices have stricter rules and this should not be ignored.
Simple bouquets, with daisies or sunflowers, can be a safe choice.
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