How many flowers are considered a sign of contempt?

How many flowers are considered a sign of contempt?
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Date 12-01-2021 18:02
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The language of flowers is of oriental origin. In this part of the world, women were forbidden to associate with men if they were not married. To express their feelings for each other, lovers invented "flower correspondence." Over time, the tradition came to Europe, where it is popular today.

Color symbolism

The color of the petals is one of the foundations of the flower language. In the era of Catherine the Great, the "Register of Colors" was created, which detailed the meaning of each color. The interpretations used in the 18th century have remained largely unchanged to this day.


  • White - innocence, sincerity, purity.
  • Pink - youth, tenderness, charm, care.
  • Yellow - joy, warmth, peace of mind, love of life.
  • Orange - pride, strength, enthusiasm, confidence in the future.
  • Red - ardent love, passion, freedom.
  • Blue - mystery, serenity, devotion, the height of emotions.
  • Purple - trust, friendship, poetic inspiration.

Number of flowers in a bouquet

How important is the number of colors? Here are the most common values.

  • One - is an invitation to flirt.
  • Three - joy, sincerity of feelings.
  • Five - is a declaration of love.
  • Seven - worship, marriage proposal.
  • Nine - is a sign of sincere friendship.
  • Eleven - is boundless admiration.
  • Thirteen - is hostility and contempt.
  • Fifteen - asking for forgiveness.
  • Seventeen - wishes of happiness to a friend or relative.
  • Twenty-nine - An oath of eternal love.