Flower selection on February 14

Flower selection on February 14
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Date 09-02-2021 15:53
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The most romantic day of the year is February 14. On this day, lovers make each other happy with gifts and pleasant surprises. The choice of a bouquet for Valentine's Day should be taken seriously, as many girls not only visually perceive the bouquet, but also try to interpret the message that you will try to convey through flowers.

Choose bouquets for February 14.

To express emotions, you need to choose bouquets that include "passionate" flowers - gerberas, chrysanthemums or tulips. Do not forget about the queen of all flowers - the rose.

Which flowers are appropriate for Valentine's Day?

  • Astra - symbolizes the sincerity of the giver's feelings.
  • Herbera - is the personification of smiles of joy. 
  • Calla -  is a sign of respect. 
  • Camellia - expresses the beauty of your spouse.
  • Lily - symbolizes a pure and reliable relationship. 
  • Rose - Symbolizes passion and tenderness.

How to choose the color of the bouquet? 

The color of the floral arrangement for Valentine's Day plays an important role. Give preference to pastel shades or unsurpassed red. 

It will be an excellent solution. 

White roses and lilies - after playing with the packaging of these two, adding a few sprigs of greenery, it is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Pink tulips with white chrysanthemums will emphasize the tender feelings towards your partner.

The classic bouquet of roses with a red cloth on a long stem will be a very luxurious choice.

How many flowers to give on February 14?

Usually one flower means attention and three means respect. In the language of flowers, the five plants in the bouquet show that for the first time you dare to confess warm feelings to your chosen one. Eleven or fifteen color compositions will tell about serious intentions, will show passion of warmth.

Flowers have long been an integral part of Valentine's Day, so you should not spare them.