Flowers everywhere

Flowers everywhere
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Date 28-07-2022 11:16
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Flowers have always been at the center of attention in our society, they have helped from brightening up a day, to speaking for us when we can't find the words to say.

Flowers can reduce stress, and improve and restore well-being.
Even seeing a vase of fresh flowers in the dining room or living room can create a relaxing atmosphere and add a unique style to the room.

But what do flowers do, how do they help us communicate and tell about feelings?
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And is it possible to influence the audience by using flowers in the design?

Flowers in fashion

Flowers have had a major influence on the world of fashion for almost all of history.

The fashion world has been using flowers in its creations for years, inspired by the colors and blooms of the seasons.
Podiums are no different. Here, with the help of natural flowers, unique characters are created and presented to everyone.

Flowers make women feel special and more beautiful.
It is for this reason that fashion treats flowers as diamonds in their designs.

Flowers in fashion

Flowers in art

Flowers are universal symbols of beauty.
In the case of insects, everything is clear ? , but why are they beautiful in the eyes of people?

Some scholars claim that people like flowers because they resemble fruits. Others suggest that flowers contain an objective beauty that attracts people with their harmonious colors and symmetrical shapes.

Whether guided by aesthetics or otherwise, people have long appreciated flowers and secured their rightful place in the most important art movements.

Martiros Saryan canvas
Martiros Saryan

Flowers in medicine

One of the greatest benefits that flowers and plants offer us is their all-natural and healing properties.

They are natural remedies for many ailments such as headaches, anxiety, and fatigue.
They also balance feelings, fear, stress, and anger.

When it comes to cosmetics, flowers are used here as a natural, mild and effective means to prevent allergic problems and to heal and restore the skin.

The flowers contain vitamins and antioxidants that help cleanse, moisturize and smooth the skin. They are also used against premature signs of aging.

The intoxicating fragrance and beauty, whether of a single flower or a large bouquet, has the power to heal, inspire and touch our hearts.

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