Flowers and their characteristics

Flowers and their characteristics
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Date 21-04-2023 13:57
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"Jar bird" flowers or they are also called "crane" really resemble birds in their appearance. Their height reaches ten centimeters. They bloom in fall or spring and continue to bloom for about several weeks.

Tulips are one of the first flowers to fascinate people in early spring. There was a time when tulips were extremely rare and expensive. One tulip was worth about two thousand dollars. There are now a huge number of tulips of different colors and shapes. Even in black. The interesting thing is that as soon as the heat comes, the poppy fades and the leaves dry up. However, it continues to live underground. In autumn, it forms a new root system and it blooms again.

Victoria Regia is the largest water lily in the world. The diameter of the plant can reach up to 2 meters and withstand the weight of up to 50 kilograms. The lower part of Victoria regia leaf is covered with sharp thorns. They are necessary for the plant to protect itself from fish. This unusual plant was found on the Amazon River in South America. The water lily was named after Queen Victoria. An interesting fact is that the plant can change its color. The plant blooms throughout the night and each time the flowers can be a different color - light pink, white or red.

Pion got its name thanks to the legendary doctor Pionovi. He healed gods and men from wounds received in wars. In China, the peony is the national flower. It is believed to have magical properties. Also, peony scares away evil spirits.

Arabidopsis is the first plant to flower and produce seeds in space in the absence of gravity. The plant lives only forty days.

Edelweiss - the plant is interesting because it is popularly called "alpine star". The small flowers look a lot like pearls or stars. Edelweiss is the talisman of love. It can only be seen by brave and strong climbers in hard-to-reach places in the mountains. They say that edelweiss are the tears that a beautiful fairy in the Alps sheds because of unrequited love.

Pearls were highly respected in ancient times. They decorated cups from which they drank wine in honor of the coming of spring. Daisy means "pearl" in Greek. He is a symbol of love and brave knights. The daisy is the first flower to greet the sun at sunrise.