A few simple rules for choosing the right vase for roses

A few simple rules for choosing the right vase for roses
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Date 19-02-2021 15:14
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Shape and size. The base of the vase must be stable, otherwise it may turn easily. The size of the vase should correspond to the mass of the flowers, two thirds of the stems should remain in the water. 

Material․ It is desirable that the vase be ceramic or porcelain. In a transparent vase, roses will fade faster as sunlight will penetrate the water, accelerating the growth of bacteria. Do not put roses in a metal vase, it undergoes oxidation processes. Copper and silver are exceptions. 

Breath. The walls of the vase should not be too narrow. This will disrupt the air circulation, create a "greenhouse effect" inside the vase, helping to damage the stems and stems. 

Hygiene. The inner walls of the vase should be perfectly clean, no traces of other flowers should be left. First, it will reduce the chances of bacteria growing. Like roses, they do not like foreign microflora. 

Location. Find a comfortable place without direct sunlight, away from heaters or air conditioners. Fruits are also unsuitable neighbors. They release ethylene, which leads to faster opening of buds and premature emergence. 

In addition to choosing the right vase, you also need to change the water.

Tap or filtered water is quite suitable for roses. 
Water should be changed daily or at least once a day. The main purpose is to prevent the growth of bacteria: to provide the necessary nutrition to the flower. Aspirin, activated charcoal, vodka, salt, soda, weak solution of potassium permanganate are used for disinfection. 

In order not to burn the stem, dust additives must first be dissolved in water. 
Changing the water will not prevent the stems from refreshing.