Winter and floristry

Winter and floristry
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Date 06-12-2021 17:00
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Very often flowers are associated with warm and fresh weather, and there is an opinion that giving flowers in winter weather is not a good idea. However, breaking another stereotype, it should be noted that flowers are relevant in any weather, as they are a wonderful source of good mood.

Of course, winter bouquets are quite different in their composition and color combinations. Today Flowers Home will tell you about it.

The task of florists in such weather is the same: to understand which flowers are more frost-resistant.

Now we will present you flowers that are more durable in unstable weather conditions:

  • There are types of roses that differ in their endurance. Roses with a delicate and thin trunk are easily damaged, and it is not recommended to use them to create a bouquet.
  • Chrysanthemums, gerberas and carnations - these flowers are also not afraid of the cold.
  • Lilies, chamelacium, calla lilies of dark varieties also occupy an honorable place in this list.

In order to ensure a beautiful appearance of the bouquet, it is also recommended to use coniferous plants. They will provide a winter mood.

With Love, Flowers Home.