The biggest flowers on earth

The biggest flowers on earth
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Date 07-07-2021 17:50
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The world of flowers is diverse and amazing, so today Flowers Home will tell you about some of the biggest flowers living on earth.

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  1. Monster Flower or Rafflesia arnoldii - This flower is considered the largest among all flowers. Arnold's Rafflesia blooms in single flowers, which are among the largest on the planet: their diameter is 60-100 cm, and their weight is up to 8 kg.
  2. Corpse Flower or Amorphophallus titanum - The aboveground part is a short and thick stem, at the base there is a single large leaf, above — smaller ones. The underground part of the plant is a giant tuber weighing up to 50 kg.
  3. Queen of the Andes or Puya raimondii - The leaves are pointed, grow in a dense group. Thorns that serve as protection from animals are placed among the leaves. The peduncle up to 10 m high has more than 8 thousand whitish-green flowers; the fading flowers are colored in a purple shade. The plant begins to bloom only at 80-150 years of life.
  4. Amazon Water Lily or Victoria amazonica - The largest water lily in the world and one of the most popular greenhouse plants in the world. Reinforced from below with hollow ribs, the leaves of the plant can withstand a weight of more than 50 kg. The diameter of the sheet can exceed 20-25 cm. In the wild, the plant can live up to 5 years.

The world of flowers constantly surprises humanity, and Flowers Home is going to tell its loyal readers about this amazing world․

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