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Date 09-11-2021 14:45
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It has been proven that flowers are an excellent source of energy. Flowers harmonize our life and convey positive emotions. Flora therapists, representatives of modern flora therapy, believe that plants can be the best and irreplaceable way to cope with stress.

What is Florotherapy?

This is an ancient art that allows you to heal the soul and body with fresh flowers or plants. According to the flora therapists, every mental or other problem is caused by an energy imbalance. And flowers, as already mentioned, can be the best source of energy for humanity throughout their flowering. Any fresh flower can bring harmony to the emotional world of a person.

Which flowers should you choose for the treatment?

The correct course of treatment should be gradual. According to florists, each disease has its own flower or plant.

  • For mental illnesses and diseases of the nervous system, white flowers with a faint odor are prescribed.
  • For somatic diseases of various etiologies - red flowers with a slight odorl.
  • In case of infections, bright yellow flowers with a pronounced aroma or bright inclusions are placed.
  • For insomnia, dark blue or purple flowers (irises, hyacinths).

Florotherapy can be divided into two main stages.

For the first stage, one unopened flower is enough. Put it a meter away from the place where you often are, and try to keep it in sight. It is useful to observe how the bud first blooms, and the seed gradually fades.

At the second stage, a person creates a healing bouquet on his own. This is a deep and meditative process. According to the colors chosen for the composition, the flora therapist can judge the dynamics of recovery. For example, if at the beginning of treatment a patient was prescribed a red flower, and now his hands are reaching for the buds of warm and fiery shades - he is on the way to recovery. If he chooses cold and pale tones - healing is still far away.

Be healthy.