Spring Palette

Spring Palette
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Date 15-02-2022 14:29
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Cold winter is gradually giving way to sunny spring. Nature is awakening, which means that the beginning of a new life is also being proclaimed in the world of flowers. And the Flowers Home today will tell you about the feelings that flowers blooming in spring can cause.

  • Tulips – love, changes for the better, good mood
  • Narcissists – a sense of pride and joy
  • Irises - a victorious mood, a feeling of happiness
  • Convallaria – freshness, peace and harmony
  • Daisies - new breath, happiness, fresh mood.

Of course, these flowers can be found in all flower salons at any time of the year, but they are grown in greenhouses, but a wizard named spring brings with him favorable conditions for enjoying the presence of these flowers in gardens and forests.

Spring is the weather of saturated colors, for florists it is a period of realization of new ideas and experiments. The spring palette contains juicy colors: yellow, pink, blue, white and purple. Florists prefer to combine several colors, complementing them with fresh greenery.

Spring bouquets also differ in their style. Florists practically do not use additional accessories, avoid packing items in dark colors, dried flowers are also superfluous in such weather.

Spring is also rich in holidays, so in order to avoid the same options, you can give your family bouquets with spring flowers, arrangements that may contain both the same and several types of flowers. Spring flowers can be given even when there is no special reason, they will simply convey to the recipient a feeling of freshness and happiness.

In the end, we want to wish this spring to become the basis of new sensations and new beginnings in the lives of all of us. And the best friend in choosing flowers will be the professional specialists of Flowers Home.

With fresh love: Flowers Home.