10 beautiful plants for a fall

10 beautiful plants for a fall
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Date 15-10-2020 17:43
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The bright colors of autumn are not limited to bright foliage, there are plants that adorn the garden until the coldest winter. These late blooming flowers reconcile us with the fact that another summer is over, autumn has already come.

1. Aconit Arends

Aconite Arendsia will decorate the garden with blue flowers. But do not forget that, like many plants in summer, the more beautiful they are, the more poisonous seem to be. You need to work with them with gloves.

2. Perennial asters

For late flowering, this type of plant is called "octobrins". The choice of varieties is great. Height from 20 to 180 cm, color from white to pink, all shades of purple. It is only necessary to remember that not all of them manage to bloom in our conditions, so you should not choose from late-ripening varieties.

3. Colchicum

From August to October, bright pink or purple spots appear on these plants. Terry varieties are especially effective, for example, a water lily.

4. Vernonia, Arkansas

This type of plant is an excellent source of nectar in late autumn for bees and butterflies. Up to 2 m tall, delicate structural plant, more beautiful than yellow flowers.

5. Japanese anemones

Autumn anemones do not grow well in all areas. However, if they are grown in your garden and are to be grown, they will delight you with an abundance of flowering, which begins in the second half of summer and retains its appearance for a long time.

6. Dahlias

The dahlias greet the first cold weather in full bloom with many flowers and buds. A huge number of varieties of different colors and colors allows you to choose options for any garden. And, of course, do not forget to dig up the tubers for the winter and keep them at a low positive temperature.

7. Persicaria amplexicalus

This plant species (Persicaria amplexicaulis) can be spilled during cold winters, but when mulched in the fall, it can withstand cold winters.

8. Jordan "Rose"

This is a real garden plant. Adapts to all conditions. It has large (up to 5 cm in diameter) flowers of bell-blue color with a slight admixture of purple and white flowers. Each leaf is decorated with approximately five purple-violet rays. Blue is especially pronounced in the morning and evening, as in wet weather.

9. Dubrovnik Hirkansky

This plant is similar to Veronica's sage but blooms from mid-summer to cold winter. This is a bush 40-60 cm high, decorated with narrow pink-purple inflorescences resembling candles.

10. Catnip shower

Small white or pale purple catnip flowers adorn the garden. This fragrant plant attracts garden butterflies until late autumn.