The language of multicolored flowers

The language of multicolored flowers
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Date 03-05-2021 15:48
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It's no secret, that the world of flowers is too colorful. Did you know, that these colors have their own meaning and significance here? Flowers Home presents the language of flowers in the flower world.

1. Red flowers - flowers of this color express love, affection and passion.

2. Pink flowers - here we are dealing with tenderness and elegance. Flowers that have this color speak of very tender and new beginning feelings.

3. Yellow flowers - many people think that these flowers are associated with separation, but in fact, a yellow flower gives a warm and fresh mood. You can give it to friends who will fill your life with joy.

4. Purple flowers - they express pride and luxury. On the other hand, they express your sympathy. Give it to the people who need it.

5. Blue flowers - remember your first love here. Flowers of this color give the first love. And if it's too late, then move on to the next item.

6. Green flowers-peace and hope. That's what green flowers are for.

7. White flowers-these flowers speak of light, purity, and, of course, innocence.

8. Black Flowers-These flowers mainly emphasize pain, great loss, and sadness. In the best case, a black flower can be given to those people who love them.

With love "Flowers Home".