Harmony of colors

Harmony of colors
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Date 15-06-2021 17:28
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All flowers are unique and beautiful in their own way. They require a lot of attention and care. In floristics, color harmony is especially important․ There is a color frame, in violation of which the whole bouquet can lose its luxurious appearance․ The Swiss artist Johannes Itten attributed the three main colors-blue, red and orange - to a two-tone harmony. The color circle is divided into two parts: cold and warm.

Cold shades include:

  • blue
  • cyan
  • green
  • all transients․

Warm shades include:

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • transition colors.

To create harmonious bouquets, florists use methods of combining flowers. There are 4 main options for combining shades that help you create real masterpieces of colors.

  1. Contrast palette - traditional method of creating a beautiful floral bouquet. The combination of contrasting shades allows you to create a bright, energized composition. The main rule when creating such a bouquet is to combine natural, not sharp colors. The combination of orange and blue, yellow and green looks great.
  2. Monochrome color scheme - to make a bouquet, use the flora of the same color, but different shades. Organic look options with smooth transitions of light shades of colors. This composition fascinates with its elegance.
  3. A similar palette - when composing a composition in this style, choose the colors located in the spectrum next to it. The method allows you to create many interesting and original bouquets.
  4. Rainbow palette - a large color base is used here, but you don't need to forget about smooth transitions. The bouquet is luxurious and original when using wild flowers.

A harmonious combination of colors is very important when making a bouquet. With it, you can give the composition a certain style, mood, correctly place accents, while a bad combination of shades can ruin even the best work.

With love, Flowers Home.