Blog for tea lovers

Blog for tea lovers
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Date 18-10-2021 17:28
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The best friend of autumn evenings is tea, And it's no secret for tea lovers that tea from flowers has a more subtle aroma and pleasant taste. In addition, these teas contain a large supply of vitamins and nutrients․

Today Flowers Home will be talking about just such flowers․

  • Chamomile - one might say, the most popular among flower teas․ A soft, slightly bitter drink is brewed both in its pure form and by adding dried chamomile flowers to black or green tea.
  • Lavender - the beneficial properties of lavender have been known since ancient times. Then healers sincerely considered fragrant flowers magical for their ability to instantly calm the nervous system, treat insomnia, stop bleeding and lower blood pressure. Later, doctors found out that tincture of lavender flowers has a powerful antimicrobial effect․
  • Chrysanthemum - this flower tea, unique in its taste, was known even in imperial China․ Tea with the color of the sun quenches thirst, cleanses and restores the body, prolongs youth, soothes and eliminates inflammatory processes in the body․
  • Rose - what a blog without this flower․ The high content of essential oil is rich in vitamin C and has a strengthening, immunomodulatory and antiviral effect.
  • Jasmine - this flowers are highly appreciated not only by perfumers, but also in folk medicine. When brewed, it quenches pain well, helps to relax and relieve muscle tension.

Well, you will continue to enjoy your autumn warm evenings, we will be back soon․