10 rarest flowers

10 rarest flowers
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Date 29-10-2020 15:36
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1. Utah Polo

This flower was discovered by a Chinese farmer while cleaning steel pipes. This flower does not need soil, it grows on any hard surface. It has long been believed that it grows only in Buddhist temples on gilded Buddha statues.

2. Phantom Orchid

The ghost orchid is not only a rare plant, but also very interesting. It was considered extinct for 20 years. These plants are so rare that their natural reproduction has become almost impossible. They don't feed on photosynthesis at all because they don't have hosts. To feed ghost orchids, you need a special type of mushroom that attaches to the roots of the plant and feeds it.

3. Cochio

Kokyo is another rare flower that blooms on some types of Hawaiian trees. This tree was discovered in 1860 and by 1950 it was already considered extinct. But 20 years later, a one-of-a-kind tree was discovered, which, unfortunately, burned down in 1978. However, one of the branches has been preserved and even grafted onto other Hawaiian trees.

4. Parrot beak

Known as an extremely rare plant, this parrot flower is considered extinct, although some hobbyists think otherwise. His homeland is the Canary Islands. Originally, their only pollinators were special bird species that had long since become extinct.

5. Gibraltar resin

This resin, which grows only on the high cliffs of Gibraltar, was considered to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Fortunately, in 1994, a climber discovered a specimen of this plant. Its seeds are currently stored in special storage containers and the plant is grown at the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens in London.

6. Jade Vines

The jade vine is known for its blue-green, claw-like flowers. The flower is pollinated by bats that love to drink its nectar. These rare flowers are now under threat of extinction due to climate change and systematic changes in their natural habitat.

7. Chocolate space

This flower is native to Mexico and has been considered extinct in the wild for about 100 years. Currently, only a sterile species of this plant, bred in 1902, can be found. Its flowers are 3-4 cm in diameter, in summer they smell like vanilla.

8. Kadupula

Although this flower is easy to grow, it is considered very rare because it is very, very difficult to find a flower. The flower itself grows on the islands of Sri Lanka, but blooms only at midnight and dies immediately after flowering. It is believed that when the flower blooms, the Nagas (semi-mythical figure) descend from heaven to earth to convey this flower to the Buddha.

9. Yellow and purple lady's shoes

It is a rare orchid species that was once widespread throughout Europe. Several examples were found in 1917 on a golf course in Great Britain. The cost of this flower bow is up to USD 5,000. As with the ghost orchid, the sprouts must have a special mushroom to feed them. Only after some time does the flower begin to grow its own owners.

10. Cadaveric flower

The rarer this Sumatran flower is, the more unpleasant it smells. The flowers of this plant reach a height of 2 meters. This is one of the most vulnerable flowers, the growth of this flower depends on the vine that feeds the plant. Flies and beetles are attracted by the rotten smell and become pollinators of this plant.