10 interesting facts about flowers

10 interesting facts about flowers
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Date 19-08-2020 17:04
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  1. In the 1600s, poppy bulbs in the Netherlands were more expensive than gold.
  2. In Malta, chrysanthemums are associated with funerals and are considered a sign of failure.
  3. The ancient Egyptians considered the lotus a sacred flower and used it in funeral ceremonies. They considered it as a symbol of resurrection and eternal life.
  4. In ancient times, the juice of blue flowers was used to make glue.
  5. The sunflower rotates in the direction of the sun during the day, from east to north.
  6. The flower known as Angelica has been used for centuries in Europe as a cure for a number of ailments.
  7. In ancient Rome, the scientist compared the gladiolus flower with the gladiator's sword, which was used on the battlefield. He named the blooming gladiolus from the Latin word gladius.
  8. The first and oldest flowering plant in the world was Monchegia.
  9. Poppy can replace onions in dishes.
  10. They say that the aroma of burgundy flowers smells like a bar of chocolate.