Interesting facts about flowers

Interesting facts about flowers
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Date 14-04-2023 16:22
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Flowers have great significance in the culture of most peoples. Somewhere they are used for decoration, somewhere they serve as a sign of attention, and somewhere they are fully respected, as, for example, in some African countries.

The smallest flower in the world is only 1 millimeter in diameter.

 The tropical plant Rafflesia Arnold boasts the largest flower on the planet, measuring 91 centimeters in diameter and weighing around 11 kilograms.

 There are no white flowers, in fact they are colorless, that is, they do not have colored pigments and simply reflect sunlight. There is also no black pigment in the flowers, the color can be either dark red or dark purple.

 The flowers are closed at night so that their reproduction is not frozen or damaged by cold dew.

Bees can distinguish flowers with and without nectar under ultraviolet light. Different spots, lines and patterns on the petals are a landmark for them.

 In Hinduism, flowers are widely used for sacrificial purposes, burning them in ritual fires to ward off disease and purify the environment.

The petals of the flowers always point down to protect the nectar inside the flowers from rain.

In Australia, the Ristella orchid does not bloom on the surface, but blooms underground. It is not pollinated by bees, but by beetles.
The oldest rose on the planet has decorated the German city of Hildesheim for 1000 years. Despite its great age, the flower continues to bloom every year.

Masur, which is also a rose, has only 5 petals, and in artificially bred varieties, their number reaches 128.

The world's largest water lily, Victoria Regia, reaches 2 meters in diameter and can withstand the weight of an adult person. In its lower part there are spikes that protect the water lily from fish.

There is an interesting legend about the origin of the name of the flower - "незабудка", which is common in many languages of the world (for example, in English this flower is called forget-me-not). According to the legend, on one of the days of Creation, God gave names to all flowers. One of them said: "Don't forget about me", and the Creator answered: "Okay, that's how your name will be."

 Scientists have proven that flowers react differently to people depending on their attitude.

The most expensive flower in the world can be bought for about 5000 dollars. This is a golden orchid that grows in the mountains of Malaysia and blooms for the first time only at the age of 15.

The highest flower of the country is the pride of Indonesia. it is called amorphophallus titanic and rises about 3 meters above the ground. Its underground tuber weighs about 50 kilograms, and its stem is up to 5 meters thick.