What flower to give on the first date?

What flower to give on the first date?
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Date 19-11-2020 16:43
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First date is an important event for both girls and boys. Many people think that only girls are preparing for the long-awaited meeting. In fact, men are just as worried.

Give flowers on your first date?

Before dating, the man decides the "issue" of the flower in advance. Many people doubt whether it is worth giving flowers to a girl at all. Definitely worth it. First date flowers are a sign that the young man is educated, familiar with the rules of etiquette. A small bouquet will help the girl feel more loved.

All women love to get flowers. Women who claim to be indifferent to such signs of attention are more likely to be cunning. Maybe they just rarely get flowers. So why not correct this injustice?

What flowers to choose?

You do not need to give a huge bouquet of flowers at the first meeting. Such a gesture will put the girl in an awkward position, will make her feel obligated. In order for the meeting to go smoothly and pleasantly, it is better to give up the idea of a big, expensive gift.

It is desirable to decorate the bouquet as natural as possible, without lavish decorations and bright packaging. Paper and thin tape is a good design option.

After finding out the nuances related to the size of the bouquet design, let's find out which flowers are preferable during the first meeting. We suggest you consider the three most successful options.


Roses are called "immutable classics". By presenting these flowers, the man will emphasize his romantic attitude towards the woman:. For the first date, either one large long rose or three or five medium-sized bouquets are suitable.


A bouquet of lush peonies will be a great gift for a first date. Peonies are a symbol of romance and tenderness. The composition of white or pink peonies will pleasantly impress your loved one.


Beautiful flowers, warning signs of spring weather. Many women go crazy for the appearance of bright tulip buds, captivating with their freshness. Thanks to new delivery technologies, they can be ordered at any time of the year. For example, flowershome.am has a large selection of bouquets of tulips of any color.

I hope these tips will help you choose the right colors for your first date. Let the presented bouquet be a great start to a strong relationship.