What flowers to give mom on April 7?

What flowers to give mom on April 7?
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Date 02-04-2021 16:10
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Don't think that at least one florist will be able to tell you which flowers your mom will like. Only you can know for sure. You can buy roses so that you do not have to think long about what flowers mom will love.

However, here are some rules for choosing the right flower.

When choosing, pay attention to its aroma. In this case, it is better not to buy flowers with a very strong aroma, such as lilies.

If there are a lot of plants in your mom's house, you should give preference to them. The stores offer a huge selection of houseplants. Keep in mind that most plants require special, careful care. Think about whether your mom is ready for the process.

When giving flowers to mom, you can choose one of them:

  • lilies of the valley,
  • gerberas,
  • tulips,
  • cyclamen,
  • roses,
  • pawns,
  • chamomile.

How to choose the right flowers for mom?

  • Remember, no matter what flowers you choose, the most important thing is that they are fresh.
  • Plant stems, owners and petals should be free of dark spots, folds.
  • The flower petals should be fresh. There should be no brittle pollen.
  • The flower should not have an unpleasant odor, on the contrary, it should have a fresh, clean scent.
  • Stem sections should not be covered with mucus.
  • The bouquet should not look dry.

Now it's worthwhile to determine the number of flower buds.

Of course, it must be an odd number. The rest according to your wishes and possibilities. However, it should be remembered that all flowers must be on tall stems. The classic version is 7 to 11 sprouts.

For decoration, there are also features of the packaging material that you need to know before choosing flowers for mom. Here you should pay attention to the round bouquets. This horse emphasizes the femininity of the lady. Transparent packaging and minimal bows will be useful.

Choice of bouquet by profession:

If mother is a business woman. Lilies, roses, light chrysanthemums are perfect.

If mother is a housewife. A woman who creates comfort and warmth at home will be happy with bright tulips and gerberas.

Without exception, all mothers will love the wild flower arrangements. It can be mono-compositions of chamomiles, flowers, bells or prefabricated bouquets. However, it should be remembered that the life of these bouquets is short - no more than 2-3 days.

If your mom is romantic, she will love lilies of the valley, lilacs, orchids.

An active and determined woman will love lilies, callas, orchids or roses.

If you have not yet decided what flowers to give to your mom, it should be noted that you should definitely not give carnations. This is considered a male flower. We recommend choosing light, delicate plants, avoiding burgundy-red colors.