The most popular flowers for mum

The most popular flowers for mum
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Date 10-08-2021 10:27
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You can give flowers to your mother for any occasion and even without it, because this is the most expensive and beloved woman for you. But sometimes it is very difficult to choose flowers for mom. Flowers Home will offer ideas for creating an original flower arrangement. With the help of creative florists, even the most modest bouquet can be made bright and memorable. Well, let's choose the most beautiful flowers for her.

First of all, it is better to pay attention to the flowers that mom likes. Remember, whatever flowers you choose, the main thing is that they are fresh. Next, you should pay attention to some nuances.

  • The stems, leaves and petals of plants should be fresh and not have dark spots, folds or rot.
  • Pay special attention to the corolla of the flower if you buy roses. The bud should be elastic and have as few torn petals as possible.
  • The flower cores should be fresh, there should be no crumbling pollen.
  • The flower should not smell musty, but have a fresh and clean aroma.
  • The sections of the stems should not be covered with mucus or a white coating.
  • The bouquet itself should not look sluggish and dried up.

And now the most important point is the choice of plants.

  • Business lady - lilies, roses, chrysanthemums of light shades are perfect.
  •  Housewife - a woman who creates comfort and warmth in the house will be glad to see bright tulips, gerberas, asters.
  • If your mother is an indestructible romantic, she will like lilies of the valley, lilacs, orchids.
  • An active and purposeful woman will like lilies, calla lilies, orchids or roses.

With love Flowers Home.