What flowers are given by March 8?

What flowers are given by March 8?
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Date 23-02-2022 15:44
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March 8 is a holiday celebrated in many countries of the world, a holiday whose main attribute is beautiful bouquets and spring compositions.

International Women's Day was first celebrated in 1909. Initially, the holiday was called "International Day of Working Women", later it became a holiday that became one of the ways of expressing women's rights.

On this day, almost everyone tries to give a smile to the surrounding women - mom, grandmother, sister, lover or just a friend. Choosing a flower or a composition designed for this holiday is especially difficult, since each flower has its own meaning, which is not recommended to ignore.

So that's exactly what Flowers Home will tell you today.

As a rule, flower salons are the most saturated on this day to create a wide selection. However, when choosing a particular composition, it is important to take into account several key facts։

  • Bouquets for March 8 should not contain artificial attributes, luxurious and inappropriate decorations.
  • Give preference to natural decorations, push artificial decor into the background. Choose minimalistic packaging.
  • Pay attention to the fresh appearance and fragrance of the flowers.
  • The color gamut is wide you can take into account the recipient's color preferences.

And now let's turn to the flowers that can be included in the bouquets for March 8.

  • Tulips - these flowers are most often chosen for this day. Tulips create a spring mood. This flower can be given to all women around you, even colleagues.
  • Roses - the best choice for any weather at any time of the year. But when choosing this flower, it is recommended to give preference to delicate flowers.
  • Snowdrops, daffodils, violets - these spring flowers are often chosen by fathers to congratulate their daughters.
  • Lilies - no woman remains indifferent to this flower. The flower stands out not only for its appearance, but also for its peculiar aroma.
  • Gerbera - this flower can be given to elderly women. These are the best ways to show respect.
  • Chrysanthemums - this is also intended for older women. These flowers are stable and do not need special care.
  • Mimosa - this flower with a delicate fragrance conveys a sunny mood. The unique appearance of this flower allows you to use it in combination with other flowers.

Well, impatient spring has removed the last days of February, reducing the cold winter, so be sure that the spring holidays will not keep you waiting and start the preparatory work. And if you need help, remember that our experts are ready to facilitate a seemingly difficult choice with their advice.

With Spring Love: Flowers Home.