A warm welcome with fresh flowers

A warm welcome with fresh flowers
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Date 13-10-2022 16:19
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Surprising relatives or loved ones after a long break with a beautiful bouquet is not only pleasant and exciting but also symbolizes how much they mean to you.

This simple yet extremely thoughtful gesture goes a long way in lifting someone's mood and putting a smile on their face.

And why not know that in this case too, the symbolism of flowers and the warm feelings they can evoke should be taken into account? Colorful flowers are more than just gifts.

What type of flowers should you take to greet relatives at the airport?

When choosing bouquets, it's best to choose small to medium-sized options, as larger bouquets can be damaged or moved among people or can make it difficult to carry luggage and other items.

Flowers at the airport

And how to choose the right flowers?
Here is the answer.

Fresh flowers for friends

Meeting your best friends is one of the biggest and most anticipated, especially if they live far away.

While your date is sure to create vivid memories that you'll cherish forever, start your visit on a high note by gifting meaningful flowers.

Here are the flowers that symbolize friendship.

  • Chrysanthemums - "You're a Great Friend"
  • Iris - "Your company means a lot to me"
  • Yellow roses - ''Friendship and joy''
  • Zinnias - "Don't forget absent friends"

Romantic flowers for a loved one

While the hopeless romantic among us will picture a tearful reunion with you and your loved one that ends with them flying into your arms, we're also realistic.
It takes a little effort to complete it like this.

Flowers for a loved one

Here are some of the best flowers that symbolize strong love.

  • Dahlia - ''Excitement and lasting love''
  • Roses - ''Romance, love''
  • Lavender - ''Love at first sight''
  • Red Chrysanthemums - "I Love You"

Bouquets to family members

Giving flowers to family members is the best opportunity to give them another reason to smile.
Sweet and fragrant flowers are a great choice for a happy family reunion.

Here are the flowers that can be included in bouquets.

  • Hydrangea - ''Sincerity and gratitude''
  • Orange roses - ''Reunion''
  • Pink carnations - ''Gratitude and love''

Colors meanings

The unique symbolism of a flower can also be represented by the color of its petals.
To show your guests and travelers how much they mean to you, consider these classic floral shades.

Meeting at the airport is a fun and exciting moment.
Plan your date with a meaningful bouquet from Flowers Home.
We are sure that here you will find the perfect bouquets for a warm welcome.

With love: Flowers Home.