Green flowers

Green flowers
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Date 03-11-2022 11:31
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Green flowers symbolize life, nature, rejuvenation, and success.

Although they are not common enough in holiday bouquets, it is still possible to create truly original arrangements for any occasion.
A green flower can add a unique touch to a bouquet.

Scientists have proven that human eyes perceive the green spectrum better than all others. Looking at the color green relaxes our eyes.

Being surrounded by green, for example, helps you focus and work efficiently at work, and relaxes you after a hard day at home.

Green is the color of spring, blossoming, and nature. It accompanies us during our life always and everywhere, so its absence in winter is very noticeable for us.

Green bouquets

A bouquet with green flowers is an unusual gift that is sure to impress the recipient.
Such flowers are more than appropriate in bouquets for friends, colleagues, management, acquaintances with creative imagination, and non-standard gift lovers.

The most frequently used flowers with a green tint

Green rose

Green rose

White roses with shades of green symbolize new life.
We think you have met a lot in wedding bouquets, and here is the reason.

Did you know that green roses convey hope and optimism?
They are also perfect when you are trying to make a first impression on the other person.

They appeared for the first time in the 19th century, in Paris, and were immediately considered "mistakes of nature".
Despite all the difficulties, they were loved and slowly gained fans all over the world.

Green carnation

Green carnation

According to Christian legend, cloves first appeared on Earth during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Where the tears of the Virgin Mary fell, these flowers grew, thus becoming a symbol of motherly love.

Green carnations with their delicate petals and bright color have become one of the most popular flowers in the world.
They perfectly combine with any color and help to create an original and unforgettable composition.
Shades can range from pale to bright green.

Green chrysanthemum

Green chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum has many stories and meanings. Japan even holds a "happiness" festival every year to celebrate the day of this flower.

Green chrysanthemum is very popular with people due to their bright and fresh appearance.
A bouquet of these unusual flowers is a beautiful choice to give to mothers.

Today, you won't surprise anyone with a classic bouquet, but you can choose a unique composition to make your gift impressive.
Be sure that green flowers deserve to appear in gift bouquets.

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