Getting ready for the women's month

Getting ready for the women's month
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Date 03-03-2022 11:02
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Let's admit that women adorn the planet Earth with their presence. These creatures, possessing Napoleonic properties, fill life, give it colors and make it elegant. Considering all this, the Armenian people have turned International Women's Day into a Women's Month.

Yes, in Armenia, from March 8 to April 7, almost all men strive to choose original gifts to surprise their beloved. Currently, most people buy perfumes, gift boxes with sweets, watches, bags, kitchen electronics and so on. However, the indisputable fact is that all these gifts are complemented by beautiful spring flowers to make the surprise more effective.

In the previous blog, we talked about the colors that are chosen for March 8, and their meaning. And now Flowers Home will tell you about the colors corresponding to the different character of women.

  1. Tender and young – if these words refer to your girlfriend or wife, then traditional roses and tulips are not so convenient for congratulations on a holiday. Given the preferences of young people, we can say that in this case it is appropriate to choose bouquets or compositions containing alstroemeria, lilies, chrysanthemums, wildflowers.
  2. If your beloved girlfriend or your wife is self-sufficient and independent, then we remind you that it is quite difficult to surprise her. We have identified the flowers that make the most impression: gerberas, gypsophila, peonies, chrysanthemums, lisianthuses, etc. Bouquets can be decorated with fresh eucalyptus.
  3. When it comes to real ladies, it should be noted that they appreciate elegance, precision and clarity, so avoid sharp color transitions and excessively bright options. The choice can stop on Dutch roses, tulips, peonies. In this case, focus more and remember the name of the most beloved flower of your loved one.
  4. For wise and purposeful women, it is necessary to choose such flowers that will emphasize their self-confidence. Surprisingly, these women lovingly accept red, white or pink roses. Chrysanthemums can also be ideal for such women.
  5. Modest and uncooperative girls and women at first glance it seems that they are too easy to surprise. But we refute this myth. Such women are more demanding of tenderness and attention. Therefore, you need to choose delicate flowers that will complement the image of your loved one. Modest women love chrysanthemums, gypsophila, colored tulips. Luxury and size also do not matter to them, here you should pay attention to the aesthetics of the bouquet or composition.

Well, Flowers Home has completed another important mission, you just have to extract the information you need from this material and proceed to the process of choosing the perfect bouquet. 

We wish you a spring mood.