Styles of floral compositions

Styles of floral compositions
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Date 15-04-2022 13:18
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Floristry is a unique floral art. To create masterpieces, florists use both artificial and fresh flowers, as well as other decors and additional attributes.

Modern floristry is constantly evolving, and experts are trying to keep up with this express movement.

Today we will talk about the styles of compositions that most florists practice.

  1. Decorative style - many elements are used, each of which retains its individuality and gives the composition a unique look.
  2. Vegetative style - compositions created in this style look natural and closer to nature. In this case, only natural attributes are applied.
  3. Linear style - among the main details of this style are linear elements that give the composition an aesthetic and unique look.
  4. Massive style - the process of creating such compositions takes a lot of time. Basically, they have any shape: heart-shaped, conical, etc.
  5. Transparent style-light, minimalistic compositions belong to this style. There are no decorative elements in these compositions.
  6. Mixed style - this style includes compositions in which 2 or more of the above styles are used simultaneously.