The best flowers for Valentine's Day

The best flowers for Valentine's Day
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Date 26-01-2023 12:21
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We all express our love in different ways.
And on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day, when millions of people give their loved ones flowers and chocolates, it's not easy to choose from the seemingly endless options for gifts and bouquets.

It is difficult to say how and when the use of flowers on Valentine's Day began. Although, fresh flowers have always been seen as a sign of attention, and using them in gifts has been an opportunity to express feelings.

Today, Valentine's Day is incomplete without flowers. However, the problem is that there are many options to choose from, and we are often not sure which flower or bouquet to choose.

We assure you that the choice with us is easy.
See the most romantic flowers and their special meanings below.



Let's start with the most obvious choice.
Roses are the most popular and attractive Valentine's Day flowers around the world.
Over time, these flowers have become a favorite of both florists and consumers due to their delicate petals, beautiful colors, and deep fragrance.

Red roses are known as the main symbols of love. But it is not necessary to choose that color.
Roses of different colors can have different meanings.


Bouquet «The color of our love»

Although they are better known as flowers of spring, tulips are a good choice for Valentine's Day because they have many deep and romantic meanings.
Tulips are incredibly attractive and at the same time, calming in nature.
The colors of this flower have their specific explanations.


 Arrangement «Tango»

For a long time, orchids, considered a symbol of luxury and refinement, have had several romantic meanings such as beauty, love, strength, and charm.

These elegant flowers are not always found in bouquets, so they add extraordinary color when they appear in bouquets.

They have a rare and delicate beauty.
Pink orchids symbolize warmth and charm.

Valentine's Day around the world


In Japan, women make the first move on Valentine's Day.
They give gifts to men, and men give gifts on March 14. The day is known as White Day when men give women white chocolate or other white gifts as a token of their love.

South Korea

Both in Japan and South Korea, women give gifts to men on Valentine's Day, and men give gifts on "White" Day.

But South Korea also has a third holiday known as Black Day, which is celebrated on April 14.
On that day, single friends gather together to eat noodles and celebrate their singleness. The day is called black because the basic noodles are in black sauce.


In Ghana, it's all about the chocolate. On February 14, they celebrate National Chocolate Day, and in addition to jewelry, gifts, and flowers, they also focus on chocolate gifts.
Ghana is the second largest chocolate-producing country in the world, so it's safe to say that they give chocolate to almost everyone.

Create your own story this Valentine's Day.
Now that you know what the best Valentine's Day flowers are, it's time to pick yours.
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