The best wedding bouquet

The best wedding bouquet
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Date 10-01-2022 11:46
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The wedding ceremony is a day that girls dream about loudly, and their chosen ones are silently, but looking forward to this day. This is a day when details complement each other, when everything has its own color, its own meaning. In this row, a wedding bouquet stands out, which should become a friend of the bride for the whole day.

To avoid an unsuccessful choice of a wedding bouquet, today Flowers Home will tell you about the importance and uniqueness of these bouquets.

Currently, the organization of wedding celebrations has become more complicated due to the well-known quarantine conditions, which forces us to select every detail more carefully and carefully.

It is a fact that we unwittingly follow fashion, because bouquets corresponding to trends are offered in each salon at different times. There are several features that characterize wedding bouquets.

  • Color - If once simple wedding bouquets were considered the best choice, today color combinations have become more fashionable. Of course, don't forget about color harmony.
  • Tenderness - the appearance of the bride's bouquet should convey a feeling of tenderness in the air. The more natural and delicate the bouquet, the more it will be in harmony with the rest of the details of the wedding.
  • Minimalism is a generally accepted fact that the size of the bride's bouquets means luxury. A wedding bouquet can be small, or it can be a real combination of sophistication and luxury.
  • Seasonality is a trend that does not lose its relevance. Experts always pay attention to the weather in which the wedding will take place. For example, in spring bouquets are collected from daffodils, in summer from peonies, roses, in autumn from chrysanthemums, etc.

According to stylists, the bride's bouquet should become a source of energy and inspiration, so they often discuss in advance what inspires, or from which flowers the main culprit of the wedding ceremony receives energy.

Do not forget that according to tradition, the bouquet should go to one of the girls present at the ceremony. How to pass this baton is up to the bride to decide, so this fact must be taken into account when choosing.

Well, in our catalog you will find such wedding bouquets that will make you smile and look forward to the happiest day of your life with great impatience.

That's all.

With love, Flowers Home.