Myths about flowers

Myths about flowers
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Date 20-05-2022 21:55
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Very often, common myths and traditions prevent us from choosing flowers correctly or caring for them. Therefore, today we will destroy several myths that most often confuse our customers.

Are you ready?

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  1. In order for the roses to be better preserved, they should be placed in very cold water. This myth is so widespread that sometimes even florists believe in it. However, we have to disappoint you and say that this can have the exact opposite effect, making Rose's life shorter.
  2. Yellow tulips are a symbol of separation. Moreover, according to many, the yellow flower generally speaks of separation and hatred. This myth is also destroyed, since yellow flowers are considered a symbol of warmth and sincere relationships. Flowers of this color give a warm mood, energy and a smile.
  3. The higher the rose, the more beautiful it is. Very often, in pursuit of the best impression of a gift, we try to choose higher flowers. It seems that such a bouquet will look more advantageous and more stately. The height of the flower can cause inconvenience to the recipient, so remember that "the bigger the better" does not apply to flowers.
  4. There are black and blue roses in nature. For many years, experts have been trying to find natural ways to grow this type of flowers, but to no avail. Blue and black flowers are obtained only by chemical means.
  5. Carnation is a mourning flower. The fact that this flower is too often used in sad rituals does not mean that it should not be given. There are many varieties that, both in color and in appearance, give uniqueness to any bouquet.

Put the hardened thoughts aside: the best time to move forward with new views.