About Mimosas

About Mimosas
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Date 31-05-2021 17:03
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Mimosa is an evergreen shrub native to Australia that loves a warm and humid climate. Since the 19th century, it began to actively spread around the world. Today, the Mimosa is considered a symbol of rebirth and spring.

This flower is so popular in the world that since 1931, every year in February, France hosts a mimosa festival that lasts for 10 days.

And, now «Flowers Home» presents 5 very interesting facts about Mimosa.

  • Perfumers just love mimosa! So, she entered the heart of the legendary fragrance Chanel No. 5.
  • For sale, mimosa is collected only at night, when it becomes cool, so as not to damage the delicate flowers.
  • In different cultures, in the language of flowers, the plant symbolizes the sun and constancy.
  • Mimosa was grown in ancient Egypt as an incarnation of the god Ra.
  • Its essential oil helps to establish mutual understanding between lovers.