Give flowers to the girl for the New Year?

Give flowers to the girl for the New Year?
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Date 17-12-2020 18:05
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To look for a floral addition to a Christmas gift for a girl, do not think about old-fashioned stereotypes and choose a simple bouquet.

The orchid will serve as a unique surprise for your loved one. This exotic flower will best emphasize the tender, romantic feelings.

Poinsettia flower (Christmas star) will look no less interesting and symbolic for the New Year. It is only better to give it not in a bouquet, but in a small vase. Bright red lush caps will stay fresh for a long time. The legend of this flower tells the story of a poor boy who really wanted to give a gift to Christ, but because he had no money to buy it, he took the plants that survived under the snow. When he brought them to the church, they bloomed with incredibly beautiful stems.

Do not forget that the New Year is quite a bright holiday. Therefore, in order for the bouquet for the girl not to suffer against the background of the festively decorated interior, you should choose plants in rich shades with red, blue, gold and silver decorative elements. Compact compositions with Christmas tree branches, in the form of a Christmas tree or a symbol of the coming year. If a man wants to say something with the help of flowers, it should be remembered that the candles in the composition suggest a romantic evening.

In order to finally break the doubts about the question "flowers are given for the New Year", you must remember the main arguments of "for"

  • The symbolism of the components of a bouquet or composition helps to express emotions in an effective, unique way.
  • Unique design is another reason to enjoy an unexpected gift.
  • Festive shocking aroma of mandarin, cinnamon or ginger.