The Art of Initiation

The Art of Initiation
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Date 02-11-2021 13:53
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Both in Armenia and all over the world, giving flowers is a subtle art, the possession of which is important in order to avoid an uncomfortable situation. This is an ancient art of talking about feelings, gratitude, respect.

Each country and region is characterized by holidays and ceremonies for which special flowers must be used.

For example, it is interesting that in many European countries an even number of flowers is a sign of success and happiness, and an odd number of flowers are intended for sympathy, funerals. And, as you know, the opposite picture is observed in Armenian culture.

In France and England, red roses speak of stormy love and passion, so they are given only to the woman they love. To give a French woman a yellow chrysanthemum would be an extremely bold step, since in France it is a symbol of treason. On the other hand, yellow flowers speak of warm wishes and peace in Italian culture.

In Hungarian culture, chrysanthemums are a symbol of sadness. In Bulgaria, this flower is a symbol of tragedy, sadness, and a bouquet of dahlias here is a sign of unrequited love.

The picture is completely different in Japan. Here everyone will be happy to accept a bouquet of chrysanthemums. Because it is a symbol of kindness, purity and justice. Here, avoid giving bouquets of carnations, they speak of sadness.

In Chinese culture, a bamboo bouquet is a sign of devotion, and orchids are the best option to remind a woman of her beauty. And peonies are the best choice for recognizing feelings.

In Latin America, it is customary to give white flowers in solemn moments of life, leaving red bouquets for the time of grief, as they symbolize death and mourning.

It is impossible to imagine Holland without huge tulip plantations. Here they love bouquets of these flowers and give an odd number, with the exception of the number thirteen.

Owning the art of giving a flower is important for each of us, so follow us and continue to receive information about the features of this art.