Who is a florist?

Who is a florist?
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Date 21-06-2021 18:14
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Flowers have always been a beautiful and appropriate gift for any occasion. And who creates those wonderful options in which the choice becomes grandiose.

A florist is a person who knows how to create beautiful and unique flower combinations. It can work in several directions.

  • Assembling bouquets - in this case, the specialist is engaged in the production of beautiful bouquets that require high taste.
  • Event floristry - in this case, the specialist is engaged in decorative work.
  • Interior design-here the specialist gets a unique interior design thanks to natural and artificial flowers and plants.

What a florist should know and be able to do

As in the case of any profession, here, too, in order to perform work close to the ideal, you need a lot of experience, you need to take into account that floristry is also a demanding profession, it forces you to follow trends and fashion.

Among the professional skills can be distinguished՝

  1. Perfection of taste
  2. Creativity
  3. Author's style
  4. Endurance
  5. Sociability and customer focus
  6. High speed operation
  7. Striving for personal and professional growth.

Career prospects of a florist

The profession is in demand in the market. Vacancies are open in event agencies and flower shops, and so on. Career usually begins with the position of assistant, step by step, the path to success and professionalism continues․

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