15 facts about March 8

15 facts about March 8
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Date 06-03-2021 17:38
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  • In the USSR, the main symbol of flowers on March 8 was a mimosa. 
  • Women's Day in ancient Rome was celebrated with gifts and flowers. The Romans gave gifts to their wives, and the slaves received the day off. 
  • On March 8, 1914, the first issue of the Rabotnitsa magazine was published, which, by the way, is still being published. 
  • On March 8, 1910, French aviator Elise de La Roche became the world's first female pilot. 
  • Traditionally, Portuguese women never celebrate Women's Day with men. March 8 is the day of parties for girls in this country. 
  • In Syria, March 8 is the day of the revolution, in Zambia - the day of youth, in Malaysia - the day of the Sultan, in Liberia - the day of remembrance. 
  • Not everyone knows, but there is International Men's Day, November 19. It was first celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago, Latin America, and later became an international holiday. 
  • March 8 was originally the day of the feminist revolutionaries, who, among other things, fought to remove men from power. 
  • Until the mid-1960s, International Women's Day in the USSR on March 8 remained an ordinary day, like Fisherman's Day or Miner's Day. 
  • In Japan, almost all of March is devoted to girls. One of the main holidays for women is the holiday of dolls and girls. The Japanese do not pay much attention to March 8, they prefer their own traditions. 
  • March 8 is not a holiday in China. Women's collectives celebrate Women's Day solely for the purpose of emancipation, paying tribute to the symbol of equality with men. 
  • The attitude of Italians towards March 8 is more loyal than, for example, Lithuanian. Italians celebrate Women's Day everywhere, but not officially. This is not a day off. The symbol of the holiday has remained unchanged, the symbol has remained the same - a modest branch of mimosa. Italian men pay half of the restaurant and cafe bills for their women. 
  • In Lithuania, the Conservatives removed March 8 from the 1997 vacation list. Women's Solidarity Day became an official holiday only in 2002. It cannot be said that the entire population of the country celebrates March 8 with joy. Some do not mention it at all, some simply do not see the point in it, and some consider this day to be especially quiet. 
  • Unfortunately, on March 8, the British lost their attention. The holiday is not officially celebrated, no one gives flowers, and the British themselves do not fully understand the importance of honoring women just because they are women. British Women's Day replaces Mother's Day, which is celebrated 3 weeks before Easter. 
  • In Germany, as in Poland, March 8 is a regular working day. In France, the picture is about the same.