5 flowers that tell about love

5 flowers that tell about love
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Date 02-08-2021 12:28
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Flowers always speak of love, whether it is love for yourself, for life, friends, parents or a romantic feeling. Flowers are able to tell about your most beautiful emotions in a language that every heart will understand. Today Flowers Home will introduce you to five plants that symbolize love.

  1. Tulips - symbolize "perfect love". The flower is shrouded in many myths and traditions associated with love. For example, in Greek culture, there is a story about a girl named Tulip who falls in love with one of the mythological gods and wants to become a flower in order to seduce him.
  2. Roses - there is nothing surprising here. Roses – especially red ones-are the highest symbol of romantic love. Few people can resist the temptation of their delicate petals and fragrance.
  3. Carnations - a long-lived flower and are associated with eternal love. White carnations speak of pure love. Red carnations are a sign of warmth and passion. Why not combine white and red carnations for a message that speaks of passion and tenderness?
  4. Peonies - this flower shrub lives up to 100 years and represents loyalty and happiness. In China, wedding ceremonies are not held without the presence of this flower.
  5. Chrysanthemums - red or white chrysanthemums speak of sincere feelings. Chrysanthemums also speak of loyalty and devotion. There are myths according to which the greatest love is clearly expressed from this flower-maternal love.

With love Flowers Home.