The role of flowers in the preparation of perfumes

The role of flowers in the preparation of perfumes
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Date 20-07-2021 16:30
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Flowers are the amazing beauty of nature's creations. Thanks to their magical aroma, perfumers actively add their essential oils when creating a perfume․

Flowers Home will tell you about the most important flowers that play a crucial role in the preparation of perfumes.


No wonder it is believed that the rose is the queen of flowers: delicate petals, a bright feminine fragrance.

Despite the wide variety of varieties, Damask Rose and Rose Sentifolia are mainly used in perfumery. Recently, the black rose – Black Baccarat-has been popular with perfumers. This gives the perfume a special aroma.

The main supplier of roses is Bulgaria. In this country, it is considered a national pride. It was in Bulgaria that rose oil was first created – it is simply used to create a fragrance. Rose oil is considered very valuable – its cost is higher than that of precious metals on the international market.


Bright, cold, refreshing, the smell of cleanliness – this is how you can describe the unusual aroma of lavender. Perfumers add it to men's or unisex compositions that are suitable for strong, strong-willed people.

This flower was held in high esteem in ancient Egypt: lavender was used to prepare mixtures for embalming the deceased pharaohs. The largest lavender plantations are found in Provence, the French region. It is also grown in many European countries – England, Spain, as well as on the Caribbean Islands and in India.


Jasmine, a symbol of love and passion, most vividly its flowers are fragrant at night. That is why the buds are collected before dawn and only by hand, otherwise the petals are easily damaged. The cost of jasmine essential oil is very high. The main jasmine plantations are located in France, Morocco, and India.


Ylang-ylang, or the flower of the kanang tree. It grows only in hot tropical conditions. For the first time, fragrant yellow flowers were discovered in the Philippines, and then transported to the Comoros. It is there that there are plantations that supply flowers for perfume houses.

Filipinos consider ylang-ylang a flower of seduction: women decorate their hair with it. Perfumers appreciate the flower for its alluring, sweet, powdery aroma.

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