The energy of flowers

The energy of flowers
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Date 11-05-2021 11:32
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In scientific terms, the power of plants is that they stimulate the senses. And this is due to the beauty and aroma. At the same time, a special feeling is caused not only in women, but also in men.

In 2008, American scientists proved that patients who were placed in wards where there were flowers were less in need of painkillers. So, have you yet installed a beautiful plant on your desktop and on your bedroom windowsill?

And now let's talk about the energy of flowers, which acts on the subconscious of a person.

  • It turns out that people most often sincerely smile when receiving a bouquet, some can not even contain a wide smile. We believe that there is no need to hide it.
  • As a result of experiments, it became clear that the best way to get to know someone is to approach them with flowers. And until you find the gift that will increase the probability of dating.
  • Often give flowers to the elderly. Flowers Home research has shown that plants restore and preserve memory.
  • Well, in order to fill the atmosphere of your apartment with positive energy, choose the right plants and treat them with great love.

Flowers Home is sure that now you will often give flowers to the people you love the most. After all, one bouquet of fragrant flowers can be a source of good mood and positive energy throughout the day.