Flower etiquette

Flower etiquette
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Date 26-01-2022 16:56
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Flowers are never inferior to leadership among the brightest and most beloved gifts. Many people think that it is not difficult to choose a bouquet, but I must say that there are rules of etiquette that must be observed when giving flowers to avoid awkward situations.

Today Flowers Home will tell you about these rules.

The ability to choose the right bouquet and present it at the proper level is a great art, which, unfortunately, not everyone owns.

First, it is necessary to fix the important fact that the bouquet or composition that you give to someone emphasizes the attitude towards the addressee. When choosing a flower, you need to consider several important points:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • And, of course, in what relationship are you with the addressee?

We have talked many times about what kind of flowers you can give to your mother, loved one, employee or girlfriend, and so on. Therefore, we are sure that the choice in this matter will not be difficult.

One of the important points of etiquette is preferences. It is necessary to take into account what color the culprit of the day likes, which flower will give a wider smile, and which packaging will like more. And if your relationship is not at this stage yet, and you are not familiar with her preferences, then choose a neutral aesthetic option that will not contain a clear message.

If we talk about age groups, it can be noted that it will be right for children and teenagers to give colorful, not very large bouquets that will complement another pre-selected gift.

Adults are often given flowers with long stems, and for young people the choice is wider. Depending on your relationship, you can give from dark red roses to wildflowers.

Speaking of flower etiquette, we also should not forget that there are flowers that are associated with sadness and grief, so when choosing, consider this.

When you choose a bouquet, do not forget to also take into account the holiday in which you are going to participate. Colors and flowers names vary depending on the purpose and occasion.

Flowers Home specialists will lovingly help you choose a bouquet that will comply with all the rules of etiquette.