Edible flowers

Edible flowers
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Date 17-05-2020 16:36
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Who doesn’t love flowers? The main destination of flowers be beautiful and convey positive emotions. But few know that flowers are used in cookery.

Before use in cooking, flowers are being processed. Certainly difficult at home grow and process edible flowers, if you are not an expert, but can also purchase them in foreign online stores.

Which should attention be paid to when buying edible flowers.

  1. type of flower,
  2. package,
  3. processing,
  4. shelf life.

Съедобные цветы больше всего используются в азиатской, европейской и восточной кухне. Кроме этого, из цветов изготавливают лекарственные средства. И так, если интересно, то будет статья о цветочных лекарственных средствах и о целебных свойствах цветков.