How to take care of rose

If you decided to grow a rose at home, then continue reading this article.

When you buy a rose, do not hurry to plant it at once, instead, place a rose on the south or south-facing window and let it adapt to the new microclimate.

Now let’s understand what is necessary for the right growth of this beautiful plant.

✔️Growing roses contribute:
• being on the south or southeast side,
  • fertilized soil,
  • fresh air in warm weather,
  • frequent watering during active growth,
  • matching pot and plant sizes.

❌Growing roses prevent:
• watering with cold water,
• being in the heat,
• removal of dried leaves and flowers,
• root damage during transplantation,
• the presence of pests or diseases,
• warm winter.

Roses should be watered as often as the soil dries quickly. The water should be from the tap but settled for 1 day at the temperature of the pit. The plant must be sprayed every evening with boiled-cooled water, tearing off the yellowed leaves.