The most popular summer flowers

The most popular summer flowers
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Date 06-07-2023 15:59
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Summer is an amazing time of the year. It is filled with fragrances and flowers.
Floral arrangements create a summer mood, give warmth and unforgettable impressions. Today we will talk about what flowers can be used for summer bouquets.


Chamomile is one of the most sought-after flowers for summer bouquets. An unpretentious plant does not waste its freshness for a long time.


Bright, rich blue flowers delight the eye and give a sense of freedom. Modern florists follow fashion trends. They create amazing cornflower blue bouquets.


If you want to give a stylish, elegant bouquet, we recommend choosing an arrangement of irises and roses. Contrasting bouquet looks luxurious and expensive.
And if you prefer laconic bouquets, opt for a mono-bouquet of purple irises.


Pale blue inflorescences give the composition of mystery and mystery. Romantic, sincere and at the same time stylish bouquet will delight both a young girl and an aged lady.
This is a great option for rustic bouquets. Ask the florist to add some greenery and your floral present will sparkle with completely different colors.

Original compositions of summer flowers

Combinations of inflorescences allow you to convey the mood and feelings of the donor. Let's name the most winning color options that will be in harmony with each other and indicate your aesthetic taste.

  • Daisies and Cornflowers
  • Peonies and Delphiniums
  • Irises and Roses