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22-09-2022 11:20

One of the main reasons to love Armenia is nature.
Armenia has it all, from semi-desert scrub to deciduous and coniferous forests, aquatic flora and fauna to wetlands, subtropical regions in the north and south to alpine meadows filled with wildflowers.

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Frequently asked questions about flowers

08-09-2022 11:16

Flowers are much more than their beautiful petals and fragrance.
That's why millions of people search for answers to many questions every day and often get confused by the answers.

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Flowers for the teacher on the occasion of Knowledge Day

31-08-2022 16:19

It may surprise you, but even in such a seemingly simple matter, there are certain rules.
To decide on a gift, you need to know things like the person's age, experience, marital status, and other such details.

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Traditions of flower gifting in different countries

25-08-2022 11:42

You need to know how people give each other flowers in other countries.
Here's a helpful guide for you to understand flower gifting traditions around the world.

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What message to write on your card when sending flowers

18-08-2022 11:08

We've put together a little guide full of ideas and tips on what to write and how to properly express wishes in a card.
Use them as inspiration to create your version.

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Flowers without a mask

11-08-2022 10:57

Did you know that tulip bulbs can be used in cooking and that they used to be more valuable than gold? 

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How Do Flowers Get Their Colors?

04-08-2022 12:12

Attractive red, yellow, pink, and even sometimes green: the spectacular array of flowers is endless.

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Flowers everywhere

28-07-2022 11:16

Some scholars claim that people like flowers because they resemble fruits. Others suggest that flowers contain an objective beauty that attracts people with their harmonious colors and symmetrical shapes.

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Flowers that make you happy

21-07-2022 14:51

Ծաղիկները բնության գործիքն են, որոնք մեզ ստիպում են ժպտալ ավելի հաճախ, ուրախանալ ամեն անգամ, երբ նայում ենք դրանց: 

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In the center of attention

14-07-2022 14:39

White sunflowers are probably the rarest of all. They are not completely white, more of a pale yellow with a black center.

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Your birthday flower

06-07-2022 15:17

Everyone knows their zodiac sign or birthstone.
But you might be surprised to know that each month also has its birthday flower.

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The effect of music on plant growth

27-06-2022 16:06

Plants can respond to changes in temperature, bad conditions, or even human touch. But can they hear voices?

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Myths about flowers

20-05-2022 21:55

Very often, common myths and traditions prevent us from choosing flowers correctly or caring for them. Therefore, today we will destroy several myths that most often confuse our customers.

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What flowers to give to the baby?

12-05-2022 00:15

There is an opinion that it is pointless to give flowers to children. Instead, you can give soft toys, entertaining or educational games, sweets, etc. However, we assure you that properly selected flowers will not only give a child great inspiration, but will also remain on his list of the warmest childhood memories.

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The 10 most sustainable flowers

02-05-2022 14:12

Almost everyone loves flowers, but ignorance of their features is a common problem. Flowers have properties, and if they are not controlled, we can harm them regardless of our will. As a result, it will lose its former appearance and beauty. However, there are flowers that are incomparably more resistant and easily adapt to adverse conditions.

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Bouquet for an allergic person

19-04-2022 15:29

There are types of flowers that can spoil the festive mood. These are the flowers that cause allergic reactions.

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Styles of floral compositions

15-04-2022 13:18

Today we will talk about the styles of compositions that most florists practice.

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Celebration of motherhood and beauty

07-04-2022 12:58

The holiday is considered religious and carries important meanings, which Flowers Home will tell you about today.

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Flowers for sister

31-03-2022 14:28

You can give a flower to your sister even without any reason, just reminding her of her importance.

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Ինչպե՞ս ընտրել գարնանային ծաղկեփունջ

21-03-2022 14:45

Spring is wonderful weather. It brings with it a pleasant feeling of freshness, color and new breath to start life in a new way.

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Roses. What we don't know about them

16-03-2022 16:33

Rose is considered a unique queen of the flower world, she has conquered and continues to conquer the hearts of all generations.

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About tulips

11-03-2022 13:35

Tulips are one of the most beloved characters of the spring film. That's why we decided to dedicate our new blog to this beautiful creature.

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Getting ready for the women's month

03-03-2022 11:02

Let's admit that women adorn the planet Earth with their presence. These creatures, possessing Napoleonic properties, fill life, give it colors and make it elegant. 

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What flowers are given by March 8?

23-02-2022 15:44

March 8 is a holiday celebrated in many countries of the world, a holiday whose main attribute is beautiful flowers and spring compositions.

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Spring Palette

15-02-2022 14:29

Cold winter is gradually giving way to sunny spring. Nature is awakening, which means that the beginning of a new life is also being proclaimed in the world of flowers.

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Towards the holiday of love

09-02-2022 12:20

There is not a single feeling that could replace love. This feeling has many subtypes: maternal love, love for a friend, material love, but there is a love that, in its strength and manifestations, defeats all others. This is the love that each of us feels at some point in his life for the person with whom he will spend the rest of his life.

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About the flowers listed in the Red Book

01-02-2022 17:47

The earth strives for perfection, and in this matter it is supported by flowers with their tenderness and luxury. However, sometimes the unscrupulous attitude of a person, unfavorable climatic conditions and natural disasters put some representatives of the flora at risk of extinction, proving the fact that flowers are everywhere, even in the Red Book.

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Flower etiquette

26-01-2022 16:56

Flowers are never inferior to leadership among the brightest and most beloved gifts. Many people think that it is not difficult to choose a bouquet, but I must say that there are rules of etiquette that must be observed when giving flowers to avoid awkward situations.

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What flowers to give on February 14

18-01-2022 11:59

The most anticipated holiday of lovers is approaching - Valentine's Day. This is a day that gives everyone the opportunity to talk about feelings once again. It is also a day when couples in love exchange beautiful and original gifts to express their love in this way.

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The best wedding bouquet

10-01-2022 11:46

The wedding ceremony is a day that girls dream about loudly, and their chosen ones are silently, but looking forward to this day. This is a day when details complement each other, when everything has its own color, its own meaning. In this row, a wedding bouquet stands out, which should become a friend of the bride for the whole day.

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Give flowers for the New Year?

27-12-2021 13:56

New Year is a bright and beautiful holiday, which is loved not only by children, but also by adults. On this day, all worries are forgotten, and everyone tries to give a new breath of life to themselves and their loved ones. Of course, where there is a holiday, there are gifts and boundless surprises.

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New Year's Ikebana

17-12-2021 13:11

The New Year mood visits when decorating the house, when colorful garlands hang on the windows, the walls are decorated, and a huge Christmas tree is installed in the center of the room.

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Winter and floristry

06-12-2021 17:00

Very often flowers are associated with warm and fresh weather, and there is an opinion that giving flowers in winter weather is not a good idea. However, breaking another stereotype, it should be noted that flowers are relevant in any weather, as they are a wonderful source of good mood.

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As a compliment

24-11-2021 17:12

Flowers can be the best friend of many of us, because with their help we can send a large stock of compliments to our loved ones without unnecessary words and repetitive sentences.

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Trends in floristry 2021-2022

20-09-2021 10:33

Beautiful bouquets of flowers are not only pleasant, but also always a good addition to a gift at any celebration. Flowers can be given even for no reason, as they are a huge source of positive energy.

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Incredibly beautiful flowers

09-09-2021 12:41

Flowers are the simplest and most beautiful way to express feelings and emotions. Even the most modest and small bouquet can change the mood of people and the aura that reigns around. Of course, all the flowers are beautiful, but among them there are also those that stand out for their unique appearance.

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What Flowers to Give to the Teacher on September 1

01-09-2021 16:33

September 1 is quite a significant date for both students and their parents, because preparing for the first day of classes takes a lot of time and effort. Everyone wants this moment to remain in memory as a bright day, with which a new stage in the child's life will begin.

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What to give in August?

13-08-2021 10:58

Ամռան վերջին ամիսը՝ օգոստոսը, ծաղիկների աշխարհի սիրելի ամիսն է: Բույսերի մեծ մասը իրենց ծաղկման շրջանն ապրում են հենց այս ամսվա ընթացքում: 

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The most popular flowers for mum

10-08-2021 10:27

You can give flowers to your mother for any occasion and even without it, because this is the most expensive and beloved woman for you. But sometimes it is very difficult to choose flowers for mom.

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The role of flowers in the preparation of perfumes

20-07-2021 16:30

Flowers are the amazing beauty of nature's creations. Thanks to their magical aroma, perfumers actively add their essential oils when creating a perfume․

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The biggest flowers on earth

07-07-2021 17:50

The world of flowers is diverse and amazing, so today Flowers Home will tell you about some of the biggest flowers living on earth.

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How To Care For Your Tulips

29-06-2021 16:46

Tulips last between 5 to 7 days with proper care. Follow these steps to ensure the best vase life of your tulips․

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Who is a florist?

21-06-2021 18:14

Flowers have always been a beautiful and appropriate gift for any occasion. And who creates those wonderful options in which the choice becomes grandiose.

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Harmony of colors

15-06-2021 17:28

All flowers are unique and beautiful in their own way. They require a lot of attention and care. In floristics, color harmony is especially important․ There is a color frame, in violation of which the whole bouquet can lose its luxurious appearance․

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The energy of flowers

11-05-2021 11:32

The power of plants is that they stimulate the senses. And this is due to the beauty and aroma. At the same time, a special feeling is caused not only in women, but also in men.

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What flowers to give mom on April 7?

02-04-2021 16:10

When choosing, pay attention to its aroma. In this case, it is better not to buy flowers with a very strong aroma, such as lilies.

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Which flower corresponds to your zodiac sign?

12-03-2021 15:58

People with strong energy should be given yellow or purple peonies, gladioli or roses to be successful. Low compatibility in lions and tulips and orchids.

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