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Blog for tea lovers

18-10-2021 17:28

The best friend of autumn evenings is tea, And it's no secret for tea lovers that tea from flowers has a more subtle aroma and pleasant taste. In addition, these teas contain a large supply of vitamins and nutrients․

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Trends in floristry 2021-2022

20-09-2021 10:33

Beautiful bouquets of flowers are not only pleasant, but also always a good addition to a gift at any celebration. Flowers can be given even for no reason, as they are a huge source of positive energy.

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Incredibly beautiful flowers

09-09-2021 12:41

Flowers are the simplest and most beautiful way to express feelings and emotions. Even the most modest and small bouquet can change the mood of people and the aura that reigns around. Of course, all the flowers are beautiful, but among them there are also those that stand out for their unique appearance.

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What Flowers to Give to the Teacher on September 1

01-09-2021 16:33

September 1 is quite a significant date for both students and their parents, because preparing for the first day of classes takes a lot of time and effort. Everyone wants this moment to remain in memory as a bright day, with which a new stage in the child's life will begin.

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What to give in August?

13-08-2021 10:58

Ամռան վերջին ամիսը՝ օգոստոսը, ծաղիկների աշխարհի սիրելի ամիսն է: Բույսերի մեծ մասը իրենց ծաղկման շրջանն ապրում են հենց այս ամսվա ընթացքում: 

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The most popular flowers for mum

10-08-2021 10:27

You can give flowers to your mother for any occasion and even without it, because this is the most expensive and beloved woman for you. But sometimes it is very difficult to choose flowers for mom.

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5 flowers that tell about love

02-08-2021 12:28

Flowers always speak of love, whether it is love for yourself, for life, friends, parents or a romantic feeling. Flowers are able to tell about your most beautiful emotions in a language that every heart will understand. Today Flowers Home will introduce you to five plants that symbolize love.

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The role of flowers in the preparation of perfumes

20-07-2021 16:30

Flowers are the amazing beauty of nature's creations. Thanks to their magical aroma, perfumers actively add their essential oils when creating a perfume․

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The biggest flowers on earth

07-07-2021 17:50

The world of flowers is diverse and amazing, so today Flowers Home will tell you about some of the biggest flowers living on earth.

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How To Care For Your Tulips

29-06-2021 16:46

Tulips last between 5 to 7 days with proper care. Follow these steps to ensure the best vase life of your tulips․

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Who is a florist?

21-06-2021 18:14

Flowers have always been a beautiful and appropriate gift for any occasion. And who creates those wonderful options in which the choice becomes grandiose.

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Harmony of colors

15-06-2021 17:28

All flowers are unique and beautiful in their own way. They require a lot of attention and care. In floristics, color harmony is especially important․ There is a color frame, in violation of which the whole bouquet can lose its luxurious appearance․

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About Mimosas

31-05-2021 17:03

Mimosa is an evergreen shrub native to Australia that loves a warm and humid climate. Since the 19th century, it began to actively spread around the world. Today, the Mimosa is considered a symbol of rebirth and spring.

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The energy of flowers

11-05-2021 11:32

The power of plants is that they stimulate the senses. And this is due to the beauty and aroma. At the same time, a special feeling is caused not only in women, but also in men.

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The language of multicolored flowers

03-05-2021 15:48

It's no secret, that the world of flowers is too colorful. Did you know, that these colors have their own meaning and significance here? Flowers Home presents the language of flowers in the flower world.

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What flowers to give mom on April 7?

02-04-2021 16:10

When choosing, pay attention to its aroma. In this case, it is better not to buy flowers with a very strong aroma, such as lilies.

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Which flower corresponds to your zodiac sign?

12-03-2021 15:58

People with strong energy should be given yellow or purple peonies, gladioli or roses to be successful. Low compatibility in lions and tulips and orchids.

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15 facts about March 8

06-03-2021 17:38

Not everyone knows, but there is International Men's Day, November 19. It was first celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago, Latin America, and later became an international holiday.

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A few simple rules for choosing the right vase for roses

19-02-2021 15:14

The base of the vase must be stable, otherwise it may turn easily. The size of the vase should correspond to the mass of the flowers, two thirds of the stems should remain in the water.

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Flower selection on February 14

09-02-2021 15:53

The most romantic day of the year is February 14. On this day, lovers make each other happy with gifts and pleasant surprises. The choice of a bouquet for Valentine's Day should be taken seriously, as many girls not only visually perceive the bouquet, but also try to interpret the message that you will try to convey through flowers.

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What flowers to give a man?

28-01-2021 17:19

There are many situations when it is customary for a man to give flowers. Giving bouquets to artists and politicians is a common practice. As a rule, such bouquets are made by professional florists who know a lot about this.

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How many flowers are considered a sign of contempt?

12-01-2021 18:02

The language of flowers is of oriental origin. In this part of the world, women were forbidden to associate with men if they were not married. To express their feelings for each other, lovers invented "flower correspondence."

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Give flowers to the girl for the New Year?

17-12-2020 18:05

To look for a floral addition to a Christmas gift for a girl, do not think about old-fashioned stereotypes and choose a simple bouquet.

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5 flowers to grow at home in winter

04-12-2020 19:38

Unusually beautiful but agile plant. To make a camellia gorgeous with its flowers, you have to work hard. In case of insufficient care, its flowers, sprouts and even owners fall off. It takes more than 12 hours to bloom, so extra light is needed in winter.

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What flower to give on the first date?

19-11-2020 16:43

First date is an important event for both girls and boys. Many people think that only girls are preparing for the long-awaited meeting. In fact, men are just as worried.

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10 rarest flowers

29-10-2020 15:36

This flower was discovered by a Chinese farmer while cleaning steel pipes. This flower does not need soil, it grows on any hard surface. It has long been believed that it grows only in Buddhist temples on gilded Buddha statues.

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10 beautiful plants for a fall

15-10-2020 17:43

The bright colors of autumn are not limited to bright foliage, there are plants that adorn the garden until the coldest winter. These late blooming flowers reconcile us with the fact that another summer is over, autumn has already come.

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Top 3 most fashionable flowers of 2020

17-09-2020 21:38

The flower market is endless and changes very quickly. What was fashionable yesterday may seem ridiculous today, although in some places only the rose is considered the standard of beauty.

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10 interesting facts about flowers

19-08-2020 17:04

The flower known as Angelica has been used for centuries in Europe as a cure for a number of ailments.

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How to choose the "winning" bouquet?

12-07-2020 16:00

In every country or place, there has long been a tradition of arranging flowers (rules for making a bouquet).

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How to take care of rose

17-05-2020 19:45

When you buy a rose, do not hurry to plant it at once, instead, place a rose on the south or south-facing window and let it adapt to the new microclimate.

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Taking care of home plants

17-05-2020 19:18

There are plants that demand more light than others, so they should be exposed to sunlight from 4 to 6 hours. The plants requiring less sunlight should be exposed to straight sunrays for about 2 or 3 hours a day.

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Edible flowers

17-05-2020 16:36

Who doesn’t love flowers? The main destination of flowers be beautiful and convey positive emotions. But few know that flowers are used in cookery.

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