Flowers and the trending colors of 2023

Flowers and the trending colors of 2023
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Date 12-01-2023 11:17
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There is nothing more beautiful than finding inspiration in the most positive elements of nature: flowers and their colors.

The year 2023 brings with it new colors and styles to the floral world. Who doesn't want to be a part of these warm, inviting colors?
Let's see what this year's floral trends are.

Viva Magenta

One of the colors of the year 2023 is Viva Magenta.
It originates from the color red and is considered a strong and attractive color.

Viva Magenta is a brave color, many call it arterial.
The color is energetic, full of optimism, and ready to create new memories.

This bold color is already loved.
And among the most popular Viva Magenta flowers are dahlias, peonies, roses, lilies, and chrysanthemums.


Digital Lavender

Purple returns to the palette with its Digital Lavender shade.

This light purple shade conveys feelings of well-being, stability, and balance.

Bouquets featuring the color Digital Lavender can convey the serenity inherent in their color and can be considered the perfect color to give someone special.


Tranquil Blue

A blend of aqua and marine tones, Tranquil blue brings peace and calm to the chaos that often reigns in many of our minds.

Color is associated with stability and lightness.
This is a color that should be included in bouquets for relatives and loved ones.

 Bouquet «One moment»


Sundial is a rich color reminiscent of rich colors of turmeric, leather, natural grasses, and reeds. Organic and natural colors are reminiscent of nature.

The color will be loved by many, but most of all those, who in their kind strive for stability and balance.
They can express warmth and love in gift bouquets.

 Bouquet «Fire»

Passion Red

The floral color of 2023 focuses on emotions.
It carries the meaning of passion, true love, and desire.

The color has some other symbolic meanings as well, including life, health, vigor, courage, and anger.

Passion Red is the color that inspires everyone. Using it in bouquets can convey new breath, energy, and deep meaning to the recipient.

 Bouquet «Goddess»

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