Traditions of flower gifting in different countries

Traditions of flower gifting in different countries
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Date 25-08-2022 11:42
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All over the world, in most cases, flowers have common meanings. They are influential in different parts of the world. However, there are regional and cultural manifestations in giving flowers.

You need to know how people give each other flowers in other countries.
Here's a helpful guide for you to understand flower gifting traditions around the world.


In Asian cultures, a potted plant with roots is not given as a gift because it has a different meaning and signifies dependence and limits on something.

When giving gifts to people recovering from illness, they especially avoid plants, instead, they give lotus or similar flowers, which means peace and harmony, and orchids for prosperity.



Giving flowers to teachers is the most popular gift in China.
Peonies are the favorite flowers out there, especially at weddings.



There is only one rule for making a bouquet in Russia. Never use an even number of flowers in a bouquet.
It is not a good gift if you want to make someone happy.
Were you surprised? This is where the custom that we also practice comes from.

Another fun fact from Russia: if you bring flowers to a date, the depth of color of the flowers can mean the depth of the relationship.
In Russia, it is probably best to start with white roses.


In Germany, the color of flowers is important. Here, white flowers are used for funerals, red to show love, yellow, and orange for joy, and blue flowers for freedom.
Learn more about flower colors here.


Early Roman brides wore flowers that they believed would protect them from evil spirits.


A Dutch proverb says that food feeds the body, but flowers feed the soul.
That's how much they love flowers here.

Now you know what you can and can't do when giving flowers in these countries.

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